About Us


Doug Davenport (R) and Erik Huey (D) have formally joined forces to launch a new record label focused on new recording artists releases as well as placement of new artist music into TV, film, and other medium.

Huey - whose band - the Surreal McCoys - is releasing its new album in Telum, Mexico next week as part of the annual Sunset Music Festival and on May 1st in Washington, DC - and Davenport met in 2011 in conjunction with several charitable musical events that featured Hollywood Superstar Jam Band, Camp Freddy.  

They then produced numerous bi-partisan musical events at the 2012 Republican and Democratic Conventions.  

The launching of ATA Entertainment takes what Huey and Davenport were doing as a hobby and formally creates a new - and very unique by K Street standards - business venture.  Davenport said, "you really could not have done something like this 20 years ago when all vinyl was pressed and released in the Hollywood Hills.  The Internet and digital media has democratized the entire industry and ATA Entertainment looks forward to showing the L.A. Music Scene just how music's roots run inside the Beltway.